Jonas Brothers Made 'Sucker' Sound Even Better Using Classroom Instruments

The Jonas Brothers just performed "Sucker" with classroom instruments — and it sounds so good!

During this week's musical guest spot on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, brothers Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas commanded viewers with only a clapper, triangle, and banana shaker at their disposal to deliver an unsurprisingly impressive rendition of their number-one single. With some help from host Jimmy Fallon and The Roots — who added to the elementary-style orchestra with a Casio keyboard, xylophone, and bongo drums — this fun interpretation proves the JoBros are just too talented for their own good.

The smash hit appears on the band's highly-anticipated album, Happiness Begins, their first full-length release since 2009's Lines, Vines, and Trying Times. So you loved "Sucker" here as much as we did, you'll be glad to know their new LP is chock-full of bops that'll have you foot-tapping and singing along just the same. (Listen here.)

Not to mention, the trio new record is only the latest in a string of planned projects on track for 2019. The JoBros will be kicking off their Happiness Begins Tour with 40 concert dates across North America this August, and are releasing a memoir, titled Blood, detailing their rise to fame and eventual breakup in 2013 on November 12.

See the Jonas Brothers play "Sucker" on The Tonight Show below.

Photo: YouTube/The Tonight Show