Lil Duval & Charlamagne Team Up for New Anthem "Black Men Don't Cheat"

Lil Duval has a message for everyone, and he's saying it through his brand new single featuring Charlamagne tha God, "Black Men Don't Cheat." In fact, the song's release day (which also happens to be Lil Duval's birthday) is being declared by the rapper/comedian as "National Black Men Don't Cheat Day."

The idea behind "Black Men Don't Cheat" is simple: being faithful to whoever you are in relationship with/married to. Lil Duval and Charlamagne both talk about turning down advances from any woman, unless those women are their wives. "We don't get around/ We stay inbounds/ The rules never change/ In or out of town/ You might be fit, beautiful and thick/ But we Fetty Wap winkin'/ We don't see s***!," they rap in the track.

While teasing the new song on his Instagram, Charlamagne said of the song and its meaning, "This Wednesday is a national holiday. #BlackMenDontCheatDay all my faithful Black men get in formation and let's celebrate monogamy. This is not a drill kings."

Meanwhile on Twitter, Lil Duval had this to say about his new song after its official release: "Ladies black men don’t cheat really benefits y’all. Cuz we are putting forth effort to be faithful. Meaning WE GON TRY AND DO BETTER!!!! What more do y'all want from us?"

Soon, the hashtag #blackmendontcheat became a trending topic on Twitter in the US, which Charlamagne shared via Instagram.

"Black Men Don't Cheat" follows Lil Duval's 2018 song "Smile (Living My Best Life)" featuring Snoop Dogg and Ball Greezy and "Pull Up" featuring Ty Dolla $ign. Fans can listen to Lil Duval and Charlamagne's "Black Men Don't Cheat" on iHeartRadio.