Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Hope Netflix Deal Will Rebuild Their Reputation

Earlier this month, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they signed a multi-year deal with Netflix. Though the Duke and Duchess of Sussex offered little information about the deal itself, it's been reported that the deal is worth $100 million.

While it's certainly a lucrative next step in their careers outside the Royal Family, Harry and Meghan are reportedly hoping the Netflix does much more than make them money. According to an Us Weekly source, see this deal “as a way of rebuilding their reputation” after their royal exit earlier this year. “It was too tempting to resist,” the insider added.

Harry, in particular, is reportedly "determined" to make in Hollywood. “He’s focusing on making documentaries connected to good causes — not just on the production side of things. We’ll also be seeing him in front of the camera, more as a spokesperson than anything else," another source explained.

In a statement about their collaboration with Netflix, Harry and Meghan vaguely outlined the type of content they plan to make, including "content that informs but also gives hope. As new parents, making inspirational family programming is also important to us. … [Netflix’s] unprecedented reach will help us share impactful content that unlocks action.”

Photo: Getty